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This blog was created in order to complete the pokedex, all current 718! Find which Pokemon are missing and then see what's up for trade. Who knows, maybe we'll have some of your favorites or will help complete yours too! I will trade with anyone who wants a pokemon, just make sure to check our rules!

Cloning is closed until June 7

Workload has pretty much tripled and I just got a part-time job. I have only completed half of my cloning list so taking new requests would just be dumb on my part.
I will put close cloning until then and will contact people who requested them for the month of March when they are ready.
This account is not dead and I will check it every weekend but I’m just really tied up for time right now.

Needing some help!

Hello friends and followers! I know I haven’t been on often and I am still working on clonings but I’ve been kind of overwhelmed so I am thinking of closing the askbox for a while.

I, however, have a huge favor to ask of you all. My dear friend’s, tratserenoyreve, tablet cord broke and drawing commissions are her main source of income because she is dealing with some pretty heavy stuff. She has a donation place set up and I think it would be absolutely great if you guys could give her a little help. She is incredibly sweet, very polite, super selfless and deserves so much more in life than what has been handed to her.

She doesn’t know I have this blog so it would be a wonderful surprise for her and would help her start making commissions again.

Thank you for your time and sorry that this isn’t a very pokemonish post.

Some anon asked me this but I accidentally deleted it.

My order of cloning depends on what I will get in return.
If someone offers a pokemon in return that another trainer wants, I clone that pokemon first so that I hit two birds with one stone and wont waste time cloning something that someone is offering me.
It then goes from least requested to most requested. Example: only three people want Jirachi but six people want Mew. I will clone the Jirachis first so that can be “quickly” crossed from my list. CLONING IS CLOSED UNTIL THE BEGINNING OF NEXT MONTH, ANY REQUESTS WILL BE DELETED.

My current cloning list is like this:
Shedinja, Porygon2, Porygon-Z for trainer who lent them for cloning (not cloned yet, sorry)
1 Genesect (awaiting pickup)
1 Deoxys (awaiting pickup)
1 Manaphy (not cloned)
1 Victini (not cloned)
1 Zekrom (not cloned)
1 Giratina (not cloned)
1 Meloetta w/ relic song (not cloned)
1 Kyogre (awaiting clone and trade)
1 Groudon (awaiting clone and trade)
2 Rayquaza (currently cloning for clone and trade)
3 Jirachi (not cloned)
4 Shaymin (not cloned)
6 Mews (not cloned)

The pokemon I am missing but will receive from people are: Crobat, Politoed, Electivire, and Gliscor. If you planned to trade me any pokemon I requested before but have now, please trade them to me anyway! They will be good for the GTS in order to get some of the pokemon I need to cloned.


Waluiqi’s “I feel generous” Pokemon giveaway!

I’m feeling generous lately, and since I already beat the game, I figure I can help some people out. 


  • Must be following me
  • Likes and reblogs count, but only reblogs can win 1st and 2nd place.
  • Must be willing to exchange friend codes.
  • 4 winners chosen through a random number generator
  • Unlimited reblogs
  • 1st place picks 4 of their choice, 2nd picks 3 of what’s remaining, 3rd picks 2, and 4th place receives whatever’s left at the end.
  • Giveaway ends on April 3rd, 2014
  • Winners must have their ask boxes open and respond within 24 hours of being contacted or a new winner will be chosen


As shown above, I am offering ten pokemon, all either shiny, legendary, or both. 

  1. Japanese level 54 Meloetta, bold nature, serene grace ability
  2. German shiny level 23 Porygon-Z, serious nature, download ability
  3. Shiny female Munna, level 10, modest nature, synchronize ability
  4. Shiny level 100 Kyogre, modest nature, drizzle ability
  5. Shiny level 100 Mewtwo, adamant nature, pressure ability
  6. Shiny level 100 Groudon, adamant nature, drought ability
  7. Shiny level 100 Deoxys, modest nature, pressure ability
  8. Shiny level 100 Terrakion, adamant nature, justified ability
  9. Shiny level 100 Darkrai, modest nature, bad dreams ability
  10. Shiny female Beautifly, level 100, modest nature, rivalry ability (HA)

I will try to finish cloning this weekend

Be prepared to check your messages within the next two weeks.

Sorry about those last couple posts!

I thought I was on my personal blog!

I'm taking AP Government as a junior and I'm not sure if I can pass, what's AP Lit12 btw?


As long as you are paying attention during class and review your notes before your AP exam you’ll be fine. I took the AP US History exam last year and got a 4 on it, it was very underwhelming. If you are seriously worried about passing, start looking at your notes beginning/mid-April.

APLit12 is actually called AP Literature and Composition and is a continuation of AP Language and Composition (aka APLit 11). All it is is a class where you read more books and the reports/essays are a tad bit harder. I took the APLit 11 test and got a four on it as well (again, very underwhelming).

The best thing you can do is purge yourself of those “failing” thoughts as they make you second guess yourself and get you riled up more than you need to be. Remember a little bit of nervousness is good as it keeps you paying attention to what you are doing but don’t have a panic attack in the testing room. Everything is going to be just fine :)

If you wish to know more or want some tips private message me off anon. Sorry to my followers that this isn’t about Pokemon but I do find a good education to be important and I am more than glad to be of help!

What AP courses are you taking?


AP Lit12, AP US Government, AP Calculus AB, and AP Chemistry.

I love my classes but I absolutely hate tests.


Some of you have managed to memorize all 700 pokemon but complain about memorizing 20 vocab words

Starting to review for end of the year tests

This is my Senior year and I have a pretty good record that I want to keep so I will continue just trading over the weekend.

Yeah, I’m starting to regret those four AP classes and DE Biology.

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